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mannyfan4life [userpic]
Quick observations
by mannyfan4life (ewans_gal_4ever)
at May 23rd, 2013 (06:02 pm)

Offering up a few thoughts on the show thus far -

What AMC is getting RIGHT so far:
Couples. AJ and Miranda (though not an official couple) are on the fast track to being one of the best next generation supercouples of the show. Friends turned lovers? Offspring of mortal enemies? Seeing each other through difficult life trials? These have supercouple written all over them. Greg and Jenny, Tad and Dixie, Haley and Mateo...they could possibly rank right up there if they keep writing them the way they are. And, in spite of the "love at first sight" cliche, Pete and Celia are absolutely adorable as the "reformed bad boy" and the "sweet innocent girl" couple. I think a lot of that is the real chemistry the actors share. Jesse and Angie are solid as ever, as is Brooke and Adam.

Friendships. AJ and Miranda, David and Angie, Jesse and Zach - these are relationships that we can get behind. I think David and Angie are probably my favorite, if for no other reason that it humanizes our resident "villain" David. He shows a real vulnerable side in his friendship with Angie that almost makes you forget all his dastardly deeds. AJ and Miranda deliver as always as "awkwards" who grew up together, switched at birth, and are starting to end up with possible feelings more than friendship keep them intriguing. Jesse and Zach also keep things in the absence of Tad and it's nice to see each one of them have a guy "talk-to".

Recasts. nuJR is probably the best recast they have on the show. I have always seen Jacob Young as Rick (where he is back as on B&B) so this guy is perfectly fine for me and seems to have the same type of attitude of JR that JY brought to the role. Granted, I haven't watched the last couple of years but I do know JY's acting style and this guy emulates it close enough without coming off as a copy cat. He feels authentic as a recast. AJ and Miranda aren't really "recasts" since they are just SORAS characters and you can almost say the same thing about Pete but they are all doing very well in their perspective roles. I am thoroughly enjoying all of their characters.

Look! They're back! Billy Clyde Tuggle has been off AMC 20 years and he has seamlessly fit back into the mix. As of June 3, Dimitri Marick will be back, too. Characters who have been in the AMC archives need to come back not only to keep things fresh, storylines current but it will help reel in lapsed AMC viewers for nostalgia. Keep em' coming, AMC. Tad! Erica!

Things AMC needs to FIX:
Newbie + Dayplayers = BORING. I know Cassandra isn't that new, she was on the show not too long before it went off the air but since I haven't watched in years (and actually had to wiki who she was) and she IS a recast, she's new to me. Putting her with a bunch of dayplayers in some lame Russian sex traffic ring is stupid and boring at best. GET HER BACK WITH HER PARENTS IF YOU WANT ME TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HER! It's the death of any new character to write them in their own island storyline. If you want me to like you, I need to get to know you and it's not going to happen when you are hanging out with more people I don't know. Why I like Celia is she's been anchored to Brooke and through Pete, Opal. Pete has Opal. AJ and Miranda have their parents. JR has Dixie. See a pattern? Putting nuCassandra with guys with bad Russian accents and scantily clad girls doesn't make me want to know her or like her. And she will bore me...fast.

Jesse. I <3 Jesse but PP and TOLN don't. They write him either yelling, telling people to shut up and constantly having a permanent stinkeye on his face. He needs to lighten up a bit! He can be concerned and intense without looking like he has a stick up his ass. He needs Tad to come back and be another talk-to. That might make me like him again. Which leads me to.....

Dixie. This girl needs something to do. Explore her deepening friendship with Brooke! Considering their sordid past, I think it's cool to see these ladies bury the hatchet and forge a friendship. She needs a talk to! Opal may need to step in to help so she's doing something other than run interference with Pete's love life.

Evelyn. I don't have a clear motive for this lady. Is she the firm but caring caretaker for the virginal Celia, helping "The Guardian" keep a close watch on her? Or is she the evil queen keeping Rapunzel locked in a tower? She keeps flipping between caretaker and jailer and her motives, unclear, make me dislike her.

Where, oh where, has Adam gone? Where the hell has Adam been? I like softer Adam vs. ruthless Adam but I'd REALLY like real Adam vs. phone Adam. Is he doing other projects to limit his time on AMC? Did David Canery not fully commit?

Overall I'm very happy with the storylines and characters (minus Evelyn and the Sex Traffic Ring) and I'm glad it's back on. It's appealing enough to newbies (though I am not technically a newbie I hadn't watched IN YEARS so I'm still getting to know characters all over again) to draw them in and keep them hooked. I hope it succeeds and I think this summer it has the opportunity to really reel in viewers.


Posted by: momduels (momduels)
Posted at: May 27th, 2013 03:08 pm (UTC)
Raina with name

I'd say you covered it pretty well. I am having a hard time with the Cassandra story line as well. We never really got to know her before so it's kind of hard to care when she is cast with a bunch of strangers and I really don't want this story line to drag out. It's way too soon after those women in Ohio were rescued. Let's get Cassandra rescued and the bad guys busted so we can move on. I'm loving seeing Zach again and really don't miss Kendall at all, though it would be nice if he mentioned the boys once in a while. Where the heck is Gabby now that I think about it - Binks talks about her but we haven't seen her. Now that it's down to two episodes a week I don't see any story moving along very fast unfortunately.

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