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Paradise [userpic]
All My Children Photos (1970s-1990s)
by Paradise (paradisekendra)
at September 27th, 2017 (09:36 am)

Hi All,

I'm new here and my name's Paradise.  I've been a fan of AMC for most of my life - my grandmother and mother having both watched it since day one.  I thought I'd jump in by posting some photos of AMC's best couples and moments!  Looking forward to meeting all of you.

law_witch [userpic]
New Year, time to reconsider
by law_witch (law_witch)
at December 14th, 2014 (09:46 pm)

do we actually want to keep this com open.

Post replies here.

It's been a long fun ride, but, it IS over.


Yawnk [userpic]
Susan Lucci - Deadly Affairs
by Yawnk (savannahjan)
at August 7th, 2014 (03:56 pm)

*shouts into the void* Hello?

Has anyone watched Susan Lucci's new show, Deadly Affairs? It is on the TV channel ID: Investigation Discovery. It is a crime show looking at crimes committed by people being adulterous. Or something like that.

I watched a couple episodes and....this show is so beneath her. I mean, I suppose she liked the idea of it and that is why she agreed to do it. But I felt uncomfortable watching her in the mega-cheesy set-up scenes between each part of the story.

I'm glad she's working. And again, she must have liked it. But I wish she had done a series I could more easily enjoy. I'd have to force myself to watch Deadly Affairs just for her sake.

rabbid_mouse [userpic]
Matthew Cowles R.I.P.
by rabbid_mouse (rabbid_mouse)
at May 26th, 2014 (02:58 am)

current mood: sad

I just found out today the Matthew Cowles (Billy Clyde Tuggle) died on May 22nd.

He was the one reason I kept watching the new All My Children on Hulu. My thoughts go out to his wife, Christine Baranski, and his children. He was a great actor and will be sorely missed.

J [userpic]
by J (thejspot)
at June 12th, 2013 (04:17 pm)

Remember when Colby wasn't annoying?

Me neither.

rabbid_mouse [userpic]
Where Have I seen Him Before?
by rabbid_mouse (rabbid_mouse)
at May 27th, 2013 (12:39 am)
current mood: accomplished
current song: James K. Polk

I was watching the old AMC's I recorded off SoapNet (I'm about a month behind) and I saw Madison and Frankie talking to this guy at Krystal's. He looked strangely familiar, then it hit me he's the new JR Chandler! I looked up the actor on IMDB.net and discovered he had in fact played a character named Logan on the original All My Children before taking over the role of JR in the online version.

mannyfan4life [userpic]
From Springfield to Pine Valley
by mannyfan4life (ewans_gal_4ever)
at May 23rd, 2013 (06:16 pm)

 photo DannyTonyRaySantos_zpsab55cac2.png

My all-time favorite couple of any soap EVER is Danny Santos and Michelle Bauer from Guiding Light. Imagine my surprise when I started watching AMC again that I saw that Griffin Castillo is played by none other than my favorite guy's cousin Tony Santos! Imagine my even bigger surprise when Agent Lea Marquez is Danny's long-lost (and thoroughly annoying) baby sister Pilar Santos!

Now, if only they found a role for Paul Anthony Stewart and his "wife" Nancy St. Alban, I'd be a really happy camper.

That is all. :)

mannyfan4life [userpic]
Quick observations
by mannyfan4life (ewans_gal_4ever)
at May 23rd, 2013 (06:02 pm)

just a thought...Collapse )

mannyfan4life [userpic]
by mannyfan4life (ewans_gal_4ever)
at May 15th, 2013 (04:47 pm)

MAJOR casting spoiler, DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW!!!!Collapse )

mannyfan4life [userpic]
Celia's Guardian
by mannyfan4life (ewans_gal_4ever)
at May 14th, 2013 (08:27 pm)

I'm SOOOO glad to be posting to this comm again! I'm so glad the show is back!!!!!!!!

So....to get a bit of discussion going I'm asking for people's theory on -

"Who is the Mysterious Guardian of Celia?"

I know there have been some speculations on it being spoiler for nameCollapse ) so if that is the case (which I think would be SUPER awesome!) who do you think would be her parents then, in regards to this possible rumored guardian? How would they be related? Theories? Speculations? Thoughts?

mannyfan4life [userpic]
*waves hello*
by mannyfan4life (ewans_gal_4ever)
at May 14th, 2013 (07:38 pm)

Hey Everyone! I'm a little late to the game...my friends feed has been hid behind the ONTD comm I'm part of which has a bazillion posts per day so I thought that I wasn't getting any other posts!

*waves hello*

So.....how is everyone liking the new format? Do they like the show at at? Better/worse? I'll admit, I'm really enjoying it though I'm a bit lost. I hadn't watched in several years but it was my first soap so I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to check it out. I'm glad I did!

My only real beef right now with the show is Celia. She's kinda a sucky actress. According to IMDb it's her first acting role so I'm trying to be patient but she better improve or else I'm going to lose patience. And is it just me or does she do this weird thing with her neck and look like a turtle?

I'm hoping to see more posts about the show from everyone. What are the rules regarding spoilers now that we have a different format? 24 hours after first aired? Always under a cut? :)

Hallie [userpic]
I have a theory...
by Hallie (lynthia)
at May 9th, 2013 (05:46 pm)

Behind a cut, because it's a little spoileryCollapse )

Yawnk [userpic]
by Yawnk (savannahjan)
at May 1st, 2013 (08:22 pm)

Is it just me, or does she look awful? She looks strung out, or anorexic, or something. Her eyes look really bad. I don't know. I don't know. I never thought she was pretty, and certainly not right for David, but she looks especially bad right now.

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J [userpic]
by J (thejspot)
at April 30th, 2013 (06:44 pm)

It's day 2, and I'm not sold on it. Jessie's acting sucks monkey butt. WHY IS HE ALWAYS YELLING?!

SPOILERCollapse )

Hallie [userpic]
Today's the day!
by Hallie (lynthia)
at April 29th, 2013 (10:27 am)

So? So? Did you all watch it yet?

It's so funny, I watched it, and I'm not at all satisfied... because there are so many things I want to know!! (Which means they did a good job.) What is the explanation for Tad being gone? Who did David "kill" (we know they probably aren't dead)? How did Cara hide the baby?


Missed you, All My Children. :)

law_witch [userpic]
by law_witch (law_witch)
at April 22nd, 2013 (11:07 am)

Like so many of us here, I stopped holding my breath waiting for a return to Pine Valley -
but watching Rachel Ray this AM with guest Carol Burnett got me back to the computer to assure myself that I'd heard right.




let the happy dancing commence!!

rabbid_mouse [userpic]
by rabbid_mouse (rabbid_mouse)
at July 8th, 2012 (03:01 am)

current mood: chipper

I have been watching the reruns of All My Children on SoapNet and they're up to the point where Kendell writes her book Charm!. What makes me post is that I was in Walls Outlet store (a place where they buy out damaged or going out of business merchandise) and I saw a huge display of Charm! perfume (after almost four years of sitting on the shelf that stuff becomes potent) and I thought that extremely well timed, re-shelfing it to coincide with the reruns. Then I peeked down the book aisle to see if they had anything interesting and I saw Kendell's face staring at me from the cover of Charm! I got so excited I ran over, picked up a good copy, saw the price of $3.99 and immediately bought it. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it is so cool to see it "just coming out" in Pine Valley and have a copy in real life.

Also Susan Lucci has taken a role in a new Lifetime series called "Devious Maids"

liz [userpic]
wait for it!
by liz (lizzyfur)
at February 11th, 2012 (01:35 am)

4now [userpic]
Alternate ending?
by 4now (4now)
at December 6th, 2011 (10:15 am)

Interview with Chrishelle (Amanda). She discusses her Body of Proof episode and an alternate AMC ending that was taped.


4now [userpic]
by 4now (4now)
at November 30th, 2011 (01:05 pm)

I was watching OLTL's Thanksgiving show, and I was wondering what Thanksgiving was like in Pine Valley this year. Did the Kane/Montgomery families go to the hotel restaurant? (Was it the Valley Inn?) Who got into a big fight? 


I have been recording old AMC episodes that are airing on SoapNet. (They are showing ones from when Simone was killed/Zarf showed up/Krystal was pregnant with Charlotte - I mean Jenny.) So sad that I won't even have that soon.

. [userpic]
RUMOR - Prospect Park have put their plans on continuing AMC on hold
by . (lovedforaday)
at November 10th, 2011 (02:19 pm)

Let's hope that Cameron Mathison (Ryan) doesn't give up his correspondent gig for GOOD MORNING AMERICA anytime soon, because Soaps In Depth has learned that Prospect Park has put on hold their plans to relaunch ALL MY CHILDREN on the Web!

According to our insiders, the company -- which, over the summer, acquired the licensing rights for both AMC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE from ABC -- has decided that they only need one soap opera for their new Internet channel, The Online Network. And since TOLN had gotten further along in the process with their plans for OLTL, word is that they are not moving forward with the AMC reboot. So far, Mathison and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) were the only two actors to officially sign on with Prospect Park, and we're told that while other actors were in negotiations, all discussion has been placed on hold.

ABC Soaps in Depth's Twitter

holypotatoes1 [userpic]
AMC Icon Post!!!
by holypotatoes1 (holypotatoes1)
at October 1st, 2011 (09:46 pm)
current mood: busy
current song: "Video Games" - Lana Del Rey


Probably my last AMC icon spam located in here.

liz [userpic]
soap net reruns
by liz (lizzyfur)
at September 28th, 2011 (09:44 pm)
current mood: geeky

my dvr keeps catching the soap net reruns from the tad's a murderer/tortured a guy days. i gotta say this is helping my withdrawal! also i realized, my vcr wasn't working when these originally aired (yes, vcr, i couldn't afford a dvr back then!) so the memories i'm having of the plot are from THIS community and other online sources.

i wish soap net wasn't going away, too!!

Mars Tokyo [userpic]
First Monday
by Mars Tokyo (marstokyo)
at September 26th, 2011 (11:31 am)

I'm still in shock at the ending of AMC last Friday. Not because of the content of that show... but just the overall loss of it being gone. Today is the first Monday in my adult life that AMC will not be airing. I'm going to have to fill the hole with with a.) work b.) a late lunch sans TV c.) chores -- none of those are much fun.

So I ask you-- what will you do with the extra hour?

and another question, do you really believe AMC will come back in an online incarnation? Because, I, for one, don't see it happening. Someone already noted that Jacob Young (JR) has already signed on to another soap. So he won't be there. How many actors can afford to do this? and is there enough of a business model to make such a venture successful, monetarily?

Well at least Cara's out of my life. Sob. Sniff.

4now [userpic]
by 4now (4now)
at September 23rd, 2011 (09:31 am)

I was really hoping that the storylines would have been wrapped up yesterday and today would just be old clips. I want to see some of the Cortlands, more Chandler clips, Dimitri and Edmund. I was disappointed in the lack of clips yesterday.

Hope I'm not disappointed today!!

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